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Tuesday , July , 07 2020
STARS Awards
STARS Awards Board of Directors
STARS Awards

Current Board of Directors

    • Lori Anne De Iulio Casdia, Chair & Executive Director

    • Steve Wangner, Vice Chair & Associate Director & Head Writer

    • Phyllis Waldo, Judges Chairperson

    • Rick Belyea, Director of Fundraising & PR

    • Jesse Garcia, Director of PR

    • Carolyn Droscoski, Director

    • Kevin Molloy, Director

    • Steve Weinblatt, Director

    • Denise Cortez, Director

    • Jay & Michelle Morin, Directors

    • Jessica Bogia, Director & STARS Awards Winner

We can't do this alone! - We need Your Help!

Please consider becoming a supporter and/or sponsor of this unique STARS Awards Program. We accept contributions of products, services, scholarships, grants, and of course monetary support of any amount. Please go to our SPONSORSHIP link, Print and submit completed forms or for more information, please contact: lorianne@stars-awards.com